03/23/19 | Chicago, IL | Athenaeum Theatre

Saturday -
Athenaeum Theatre
Chicago, IL

Paul Revere's Raiders Invade the Colony!

Starring Paul Revere's Raiders, Ronnie Rice, Ray Graffia & Denny Sarokin


Ronnie Rice, former New Colony Six lead singer and song writer of such hits as “I Will Always Think About You,” “Things I Like to Say,” “I Could Never Lie to You,” and “Long Time to Be Alone.”

Ray Graffia is the founding member, singer and song writer of such hits as, “I Confess,” “Love You So Much,” “I Lie Awake,” and “Can’t You See Me Cry,” for one of Chicago’s most respected bands then and still tours as lead singer of Chicago’s New Colony Six. Ray will join Ronnie on stage along with another founding member of New Colony Six, Walt Kemp, playing bass guitar.

Famous for ballads of love and sorrow, Ray and Ronnie have sung together for the past 50 years and still enjoy a large following of enthusiastic music lovers from near and far; don’t miss this one!

Some of the greatest music ever to come out of Chicago Garage Band Era came from these two gentlemen, and we are so proud to have them join us for this show.

Denny Sarokin was founding member of Every Mother’s Son, who had a #1 hit in 1967 with “Come On Down to My Boat Baby.” Denny toured with Rick Nelson’s Stone Canyon Band for almost 10 years, recording and writing many of the tunes released by Rick. Denny has also toured with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Denny also wrote and recorded hundreds of songs for T.V. and soundtracks for film. He’s a producer, studio musician, and one of Nashville's premier guitar instructors.