Remembering Keith Allison


Keith Allison, formerly of Paul Revere & The Raiders, has died at age 79, a family spokesperson has confirmed.

That’s the sad news all over the Internet, newspapers and television. Everyone has been reporting about Keith’s incredible career and the lives he’s touched with his joy and his music. Here, we’re going to post a few pictures of us hanging out with our friend in California in 2013, having one of those magical nights where everything goes right, the company is perfect and the drinks and belly-laughs were flowing hot and heavy. Keith and Paul were hysterical as they shared a million stories from their amazing careers, each one better than the next. Someone should write a book!
We’ll miss you and your bright spirit Keith, you’re one of a kind.

Keith Allison

Keith Allison

Keith Allison hanging with Paul Revere and The Raiders
L-R – Ron Lemen, Paul Revere, Jamie Revere, Keith Allison, Tommy Scheckel, Darren Dowler, Danny Krause

Keith Allison hanging with Paul Revere and The Raiders
L-R – Paul Revere, Darren Dowler, Keith Allison, Tommy Scheckel

Keith Allison and Tommy Scheckel

Keith Allison close-talking with Tommy Scheckel


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