ARNY Bailey

ARNY Bailey - Paul Revere's Raiders


Southern California born and raised, ARNY comes to Paul Revere’s Raiders by way of Seattle, WA.

ARNY’s known in Seattle as being “The Tribute Guy” having EIGHT tribute bands that he performs in/manages/co-manages.  Tributes to McCartney (Bass/Vocals), Styx (Tommy Shaw), Boston (Brad Delp), Eagles (Don Henley), Linda Ronstadt and Sheryl Crow (with his daughter Holly), John Cougar Mellencamp (Rhythm Guitar), and tribute to the music of the 1960’s – FM’69 with fellow guitar player Doug Heath!  He’s excited to add “Paul Revere’s Raider’s” to his band lineup!

An avid fan of the band, ARNY says, “I took my children to see two rock concerts when they were growing up – the first was The Lovin Spoonfool who were opening for Paul Revere and the Raiders.  The second was The Kingsmen, who were opening for Paul Revere and the Raiders!”

It’s not lost on ARNY that he is covering for friend, Doug, after a 48 year stint in the band!  ARNY and DOUG are good friends, and have performed several shows together in Seattle.  “I’m honored to be asked to be in this great band, but mostly in Doug’s trust in my abilities to take his role after such a successful career.”

ARNY and wife, Jackie, wrote, directed and produced several plays titled, The Tribute Time Machine Starring (Seattle celebrity) Pat Cashman.  These plays appeared in 2016 and 2018, but were sidelined by covid in 2020.  During the lockdown, he produced his first solo album, “Chula Vista” after his hometown.  Several singles have been released and hopes he can release the album by fall of 2021.


  • First Performance –  Singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious at a church gathering at age 3.
  • First concert – Buck Owen’s and his Buckeroo’s at age 6.
  • Favorite Concert – Paul Revere and the Raiders of course! (but also saw Boston in 1978 and that was cool too!)
  • First Music Lesson – Trumpet, 4th grade.
  • First Instrument – Drums, 8th grade (which he later sold later to buy….no, not a guitar…Skis😊)  Don’t worry, there was always a guitar around the house!
  • First Guitar – 1976 Gibson Les Paul so many others, wish he wishes he would have held on to that!
  • Guitar Now – Custom Hybrid Strat/Telecaster which Doug Heath gave the name of “Stelly”.To see all ARNY’s acts, as well as listen to his solo work, go to